Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pacquiao enters final month of training

By Eddie Alinea

After three weeks of almost flawless training regimen, minor glitches surfaced as WBO world welterweight belt-holder Manny Pacquiao’s build up program for his title fight against “Sugar” Shane Mosley enters the last four weeks at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles.

With chief trainer Freddie Roach expected to be missed the entire week this week, Pacquiao, who is staking his 147-pound crown against three-division titleholder Mosley May 7 (May 8 in Manila), looked to have ran out of sparring partner following his sending future welterweight contender Shawn Porter to the canvas in last Saturday’s session.

Porter, one of the men who helped the eight-division champion prepare in his fight against Miguel Cotto three years ago Pacquiao’s chief mate in this bout, absorbed a powerful left cross to the chin that sent him at the seats of his pants in the third round of their session and refused to continue what was billed an eight-round skirmish.

Two days ago last Thursday, the Filipino southpaw was reported to have also almost send an unidentified sparring mate kissing the floor and was only saved by the ropes from completely going down in what Roach himself said was proof that Pacquiao has already regained his punching power.

Roach, by the way, is scheduled to fly to Manchestrer, England to be in the corner another ward, Amir Khan, who is fighting Paul McCloskey this Saturday (Sunday in Manila).

Roach, in an overseas telephone interview, could not tell whether Porter will be retained or replaced, saying the former U.S Olympic team hopeful is the only Pacquiao mate capable of matching Mosley’s fighting style, speed and power.

With the way Pacquiao punished Porter though, it is doubted if the American will continue with his job and be battered that might cost him his boxing career. Lightweight David Rodela, Rashad Halloway and Karim Mayfield, who have been providing the pound-for-pound king with the needed quickness, remain in the training stable.

Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza related that Porter and Pacquiao were giving each other hell in the first and second round of their sparring with the former connecting with a pair of right straights early in the third.

It was then that the Filipino boxing hero unleashed his feared left cross, the same weapon he used in retiring legendary Oscar DeLa Hoya and Miguel Cotto, among his immediate previous opponents.

Whether Porter remains, Ariza said his and Roach’s immediate concern at this crucial stage of preparations is finding the sparring mate that can provide Pacquiao with the thing the former had been providing him with.
“There’s nothing to worry really. Everything has been put in place, the camp is going smoothly and Manny has been re-learning things he ought to recover,” Roach said though. “If Porter quits, we’ll find somebody with the same caliber as his.”

One other concern though is, with Roach in Manchester the whole week, can peace remain at the Wild Card seat shop in Hollywood in his absence.
While Roach himself dismissed his absence could mean any bad effects in raining, such is not with other members of Team Pacquiao.

It has been noted that since Pacquiao started preparations three weeks ago in Baguio City, there had been not a single major distractions, internal bickering, back biting and disputes within the camp, which normally punctuated the training schedule before.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

All quiet at Pacquiao's training camp


MANILA, Philippines – Everything is A-OK in the often turbulent world of Manny Pacquiao’s training camp.

“No problems, no concerns,” reported Pacquiao’s long-time friend Buboy Fernandez from Los Angeles on Sunday (Monday in Manila) barely a month before his boss meets Shane Mosley in a world welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Since starting the US leg of his buildup for Mosley, Pacquiao has done nothing but impress the people who watch his every move and giving them all the reasons to believe he will get the job done on fight night.

Pacquiao has so far sparred three times the last seven days after uprooting his training camp from Baguio City and trainer Freddie Roach is pleased with what he’d seen at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood.

Roach has been so calm and collected and confident that the Filipino is bound to reach peak form in time that he is leaving the reins of training Pacquiao for a few days to Fernandez.

Roach is flying to England so he could call the shots in the corner of Amir Khan, the British world super-lightweight champion who is fighting this weekend.

Fernandez said what he’ll do during Roach’s brief absence is to make sure Pacquiao maintains his conditioning.

In fact, Fernandez recommends that the number of sparring rounds – eight – should remain the same in the coming week.

“It’s still early to add more rounds. We have four weeks to prepare so we’ll just maintain it,” said Fernandez, who has been a familiar fixture in Pacquiao’s corner in the US since the Jorge Eliecer Julio fight in June 2002 in Memphis.

“We are a bit ahead of schedule,” said Mike Koncz, who is Pacquiao’s Man Friday.

Still, Fernandez is taking preparations nice and easy and without a tinge of caution.

“I still watch Mosley’s fights on video almost every night so I can study what he does best and what he doesn’t,” added Fernandez, noting that Mosley’s fights with Antonio Margarito, Sergio Mora and Floyd Mayweather have been keeping him busy before he goes to bed.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mosley’s KO chances -- slim or zero

"Lies often repeated morphs into a semblance of truth" --Goebbels of Hitler's Propaganda Ministry Nope. Sounds more like Shane Mosley who's been ranting in support of a knockout victory over Manny Pacquiao in their May 7 duel at the MGM Grand.

The Pomona three-time champion has been rattling his sword of deception (non-stop), catching the ire of some of our neighbors like the veteran columnist Recah Trinidad.

A drinking buddy has seen a change in Recah's analytical style after reading Mosley's bon mot, a clever declaration of a shortened war with the Pacman.

A disturbed boxing analyst who is ill at ease hearing Shane's bombast has emerged folks.

Thats how Recah is these days. Too much gin, less tonic?

Not to worry. Pacman’s megaphone Freddie Roach has surfaced to remind the 40-year-old Shane is no longer the sweet puncher who kayoed 39 foes that left ‘em prone on the floor.

Can't blame the veteran deadline-beater for being queasy as a result of Mosley's disjointed rambling less than a month into the fight at The Arena in Las Vegas.

Roach is looking at a midpoint stoppage of Mosley and talks of a Shane’s KO brag is “pure bunk”, said the multiple Trainer of the year awardee.

”Slim and none are Sugar’s hopes of knocking out Manny” insisted Freddie, adding that Slim will be out of town when the day of reckoning at the Grand happens.

My take is Pacquiao’s notoriety in the ring where most of his rivals succumbed to his lethal pounding has affected Mosley's psyche.

So cool it Mr. Trinidad and not allow Shane's boasts get into you else you'll wind up swallowing his propaganda, his lone prop that’s left in luring the waning fans back to his corner.

May I remind that there is this matter of jacking up the live gate attendance and pay-per-view buys, hence the constant bark of a first- round Pacman knockout by Bob Arum's latest PT Barnum barker from his line of fighters.

"Oh he'll fall if I catch Pacquiao flush on the jaw" the veteran from Pomona tells those who care to listen.

How can that happen if Manny cuts loose early with his violently fast deliveries? Right jabs (thump,thump), left straight (wham) and his coup de grace or coup de main---right hook (kaboombambang).

Ask Ricky Hatton if he still remembers those devastating combos he absorbed in his numbing second round collapse.

Ask Oscar de la Hoya how he felt after he quit in the 8th round. And David Diaz who was all praise for the greatest left handed mangler he's ever faced.

Watch during the first two rounds how Manny will handle's Shane's first round spring-up from his stool.

A brutal war breaks out once the GenSan Crackerjack reads Mosley's peremptory strike.

Stirring moments of the fight comes to life when the Pinoy Ace unloads his big bombs held in check while looking for openings.

Hang on to your seats as a cautious start erupts into a malevolent konfrontasi and that's when Manny zeroes in on Shane's defects, an offensive malstart the Pinoy battler usually spots in most if not all of his past bouts.

It's in his bag of tricks under the heading "know when thy enemy commits a bad move then strike fast”.

Ask Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margocheato este Margarito.

What was once viewed as a lackadaisical match-up is shaping out to be a catty brawl in a back alley.

The Pacquiao-Mosley when first dangled by Top Rank promotions started as a yawner.

Now, it’s looking like one that all boxing fans will crave for the taking.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Team Pacquiao wary of Mosley’s right hand

By Dennis Gasgonia

MANILA, Philippines – Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao said he and his team studied everything they need to know about Shane Mosley, including his potent right hand.

Pacquiao said they needed to analyze his opponent’s strengths to come up with the most appropriate strategy to beat Mosley.

“Pinag-aralan nating mabuti lahat ng galaw niya, lahat ng strategy niya, ‘yung lakas ng suntok niya, pinag-aralan natin ng mabuti,” the 8-division world champion told abs-cbnNEWS.com.

(We studied his moves, all of his strategies, even his punching power, we studied all of that).

Pacquiao will be going toe-to-toe against Mosley on May 7 to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title.

The Filipino champion, who is currently training in the US, said they will make sure that Mosley will have a hard time landing his powerful right hand.

“Kaya nga puspusan ang training ko. Ibang klaseng boksingero si Mosley… hindi natin pwedeng i-underestimate. Magaling din at mabilis,” Pacquiao said.

(That is why I’m training very hard. Mosley is a different kind of boxer…one who we should never underestimate. He’s good and fast.)

Mosley nearly knocked down undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their May 2010 welterweight fight with two powerful shots from his right hand.

Mayweather, however, secured a unanimous decision by tiring out the older Mosley.

Mosley said he is also studying Pacquiao’s weaknesses.

He watched tapes of Pacquiao’s fight against Mexican champion Juan Manuel Marquez, who gave the Filipino superstar the toughest matches of his career.

“I watched everything to see how he moves, what's he's successful at, what he's not successful at, you know? I pretty much watched it all,” said Mosley.

“I just finished watching him fight Marquez the second time,” he added.

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